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In Global Virtual Classroom, Muir students are matched with students in schools around the world. Students meet each other online, select a topic, and post a website. The theme is always "Give Something Back".

Global Virtual Classroom (GVC) Projects

GVC 10-13 Recovery after Disaster (Special Merit for Helping Focus)

GVC 10-01 Education: Hope for the Future ($250 Third Prize)

GVC 09-16 Service Before Self ($1500 Grand Prize)

GVC 09-06 Friendship Blossoms (Honorable Mention)

GVC 08 Technology by Grade 10 in collaboration with Maylasia

GVC 08 Kindness by Grade 6 in collaboration with Mexico and Florida (Special Merit Award for Helping Focus)

GVC 07 Global Warming by Grades 9-10 in collaboration with Japan and Slovakia (GVC0813)