Muir students connect across cultures, collaborate, and develop computer skills. The projects contribute to education as global citizens. See Muir projects by clicking the menu to the left.

Here is a partial list of Muir's partner schools by continent and affiliation.


  • Cape Coast, Ghana, Mfantsipim School

  • Kumasi, Ghana: Kumasi High: Doors to Diplomacy 2008

  • Falcon College Boys, Falcon College, Esigodini, Zimbabwe, iEARN Learning Circle 2008

  • Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa, Mombasa, Kenya, iEARN Learning Circle 2008, Grades 2-5

  • Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Kenya are in the Learning Circle, 2011

  • Doors to Diplomacy 2006

  • Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa, Kenya, GVC 2010, Grades 5-6

  • Soddo-Ber Secondary School, Wolaitta Soddo, Ethiopia, IASL Bookmarks 2009, Grades 7-12



  • 6th Grade Students, School 7, Miass, Russia, iEARN Learning Circle 2008
  • Caen, France 2005-, epals for secondary
  • Barcelona, Spain; Almetyevsk, Tatarstan, Russia; England, United Kingdom, iEARN Places and Perspectives Elementary Learning Circle
  • Croatia, IASL Bookmark Exchange, age 13, 2010-2011
  • Greece is in the Learning Circle, 2011

Middle East

  • Global Dreamers in Israel, Global Schoolnet awards in San Diego, 2006
  • Gifted School of Ninevah, Iraq, GVC Secondary 2010

North America

South America

  • Schools near Lima Peru,, 2006-2009

  • Brazil 2005-2009

Collaboration Archive

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City School News about Muir

CyberFair Projects

Our Future in San Diego (CyberFair 2005)

Muir Students Helping San Diego (CyberFair 2006)

Our San Diego Zoo (CyberFair 2007)

Water is Life (CyberFair 2009)

Global San Diego (Cyberfair 2008)

Native Plants (CyberFair 2010)

Civic Duty (CyberFair 2011) Projects

Pancho Villa   Pancho Villa   Eleanor Roosevelt

 Luis Rodriguez   Mark Twain

Miep Gies

Frederick Douglass

Mae Jamison

Doors to Diplomacy Projects

D2D 2011 Hunger

D2D 2011 Teen Law

D2D 2010 Paideia Education

D2D 2009 Invasive Reptiles

D2D 2009 Foster Care

D2D 2009 Building a Computer

D2D 2009 Parental Involvement in Education

D2D 2009 Recycling

D2D 2008 Jazz done with Opoku Ware School in Kumasi, Ghana

D2D 2007 Skateboarding

D2D 2007 Soul Food and Rap Music

D2D 2007 Silver Medal Panda Diplomacy

You-Tube GlobalSchoolnet

D2D 2006 Urban Calligraphy

D2D 2006 Soccer and Its Power done with Mfantsipim School in Cape Coast, Ghana

Global Virtual Classroom (GVC) Projects

GVC 10-13 Recovery after Disaster

GVC 10-01 Education: Hope for the Future

GVC 09-16 Service Before Self

GVC 09-06 Friendship Blossoms

GVC 08 Technology by Grade 10 in collaboration with Maylasia

GVC 08 Kindness by Grade 6 in collaboration with Mexico and Florida (Winner)

GVC 07 Global Warming by Grades 9-10 in collaboration with Japan and Slovakia (GVC0813)

More 2008 Projects